Clans Clash Invitational

For the Clans Clash Invitational You Need a Team…

  • New members will be referred to as Warriors and will trade in teams, referred to as Clans, each headed by a Leader. Clans will strive to earn rewards, referred to as loot, through trading, and lending.
  • Warriors now work together to become the top 3 Clans at each epoch, in order to claim as much loot as they can.
  • Addresses that join through a user’s referral code will automatically join a Clan. Recruits invited by Warriors will have their trading and lending volumes counted in the Clan Score.

How to Get Your Loot

Clans Clash Invitational will rank Clans within each market, based on referral scores representing their recruits’ lending and trading volume. 20% of the trading fees will be distributed to the top 3 Clans at the end of each epoch. The top 3 Clans for each market will be rewarded 70% for trading and 30% for lending, which are independent of each other.

Leader Benefits

The top three Clans that earn the most loot in any trading pair will receive 50%, 30%, and 20% of the 20% of generated fees. This loot will be distributed among the members of the team, where the Clan Leader will receive 30%, and the remaining 70% will be distributed according to their Warrior score.

How to be a Successful Leader

  • Share your referral code through your social channels and communities.
  • Be supportive and help your Warriors.
  • Battle other Clans to earn loot by trading and lending.
Trading volume and lending score will be calculated independently of each other. The trading volume will be calculated using the value of the open trading positions. The lending score will be calculated using the formula below:
Calculation Formula for Lending Score
The distribution of warrior rewards for each clan is based on the proportion of trading volume or lending score contributed by warriors.
Alice joined Clans Clash Invitational through Bruce’s invitation code and becomes a Warrior in Bruce’s Clan. At the end of the epoch, Bruce’s Clan ranks 2nd in trading rank, with $4,893. Bruce earns 30% of his Clan's total loot, $2,097.
Alice's Warrior trading volume is 15% of the total. Her loot amount will be $733.95 ($4,893 * 0.15).


How can I check my ranking?
On the “Margin Trade” page of OpenLeverage, select any trading pair to see the Referral Ranking at the bottom for that trading pair.
Do all pairs have a Clans Clash reward?
Yes, the Clans Clash is independent of the trading pair and its corresponding lending pools.
How many addresses are rewarded for each epoch?
The top 3 clans in each trading and lending categories are awarded.
Can one Clan receive Invitation League rewards from more than one market?
Yes. If that Clan is the top-ranking performer for those trading pairs, they can receive rewards from multiple markets.
Will the Referral Program and Invitation League stack?
Participants can enroll in both programs simultaneously and receive awards if conditions are met.
I joined a clan a long time ago, can I still participate?
From Epoch 8, we have upgraded Clans Clash to enable both new and existing addresses to participate.