Ambassador Guidelines


Each Ambassador is expected to assist with all facets of community infrastructure and work closely with the Community Council and the Core Team.

Host local events

  • Ambassadors are encouraged to host at least two local events in their languages with their communities. Examples of community events can be held in the form of Twitter Spaces, TG AMAs, etc.

  • If you would like to host an event for your subscribers/followers to grow both our communities, we will support you by providing funding for hosting local promotional events, participating in $OLE giveaways, and providing bonus rewards to you for inviting your followers to lend and trade, as well as attending online events as speakers (proposal reviewed by the OLCC).

Content generation, translation, and distribution

  • Plan out content for your community: create and translate content that you think is useful and distribute it to your local community in your local language to talk about them.

  • Be responsible and keep up with updates and have topics and feedback to discuss.

  • Most importantly, show the community that you’re actively participating by telling them about the content you’ve generated, along with the channels you’ve distributed to. Post screenshots of feedback if necessary.

Create traction

  • Each Ambassador shall invite genuine and active members to the Discord server and promote trading and lending on the OpenLeverage platform.

  • Stats will be displayed via a public dashboard the community can view twice a week.

Check-in with the Community Council

  • Attend and promote Sharing Sessions and Community Calls, along with other campaigns.

  • Create clear-cut action plans from the community and the Community Council and assist the Council in their proposal development and execution.

Onboarding (first 2 weeks)

  • If you are not familiar with OpenLeverage, please try it out to familiarize yourself with our features.

  • Create an action plan that will facilitate your workflow as an Ambassador.

  • Introduce OpenLeverage to your local community and also manage your local community on Discord. Respond to your community in a timely manner. If there are questions you do not know, please feel free to ask a Core Team member to help clarify.

  • Spread the word about our project. Translate documents, articles, and social media posts to social platforms you frequently use. Create and talk about us on the social media that you use in your community (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Reddit, YouTube, etc).

  • After successfully completing probationary onboarding, Ambassadors will be eligible to receive their rewards the next pay period. In situations when Ambassadors have not successfully completed their probationary period, no rewards will be distributed.

Termination of Position

If an ambassador wants to terminate their position, they shall notify the team in advance.

By Notice

One week's notice in advance or giving up one week's remuneration is required.

Without Advance Notice

Quitting without advance notice may be summarily dismissed by the team without advance notice or payment in lieu.

Failure to Fulfill Ambassador Responsibilities

The Ambassador Program is overseen by the OLCC and the community. If the ambassador:

  • Willfully disobeyed a lawful and reasonable order; or

  • Misconduct himself/herself; or

  • Is guilty of fraud or dishonesty; or

  • Habitually neglects his duties.

The OpenLeverage team and current council members reserve the right to revoke the position of a current ambassador through a petition. A simple majority voting by current council members is required to revoke the ambassador. In cases of abstention or absences, the OpenLeverage team can elevate the proposal to the community to vote.

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