Try Scroll Alpha Testnet

MintTo try OpenLeverage on the Scroll Alpha Testnet, we offer faucets where you can mint ATK and BTK tokens.

Step 1: Get Test Token (ATK/BTK)

To begin, connect your wallet. Next, set up the Scroll Alpha Network.

And then, click on the 'Faucet' option in the menu bar or use the link.

Click on the Mint button and pay the required fee, the minted ATK/BTK tokens will be transferred to your wallet. If you're unsure about how to obtain the gas token, please refer to the official user guidance provided by Scroll Alpha Testnet.

Step 2: Have Fun With Your Minted Token

The minted tokens allow you to experience Margin Trade, Deposit, Borrow and Sponsor a Market functions.

Margin Trade: you can access the Margin Trade function using the link.

Deposit: To make a deposit, you can use the following links:

Borrow: To borrow funds, you can use the following links:

Sponsor a Market: provide funds to reward Margin trade, Deposit, or Borrow activities.

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