Lend to Earn

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Lend To Earn

Click "Lend to Earn" in the menu bar to select the lending pool of the trading pair you want to add liquidity. By clicking on the "FEI-wETH" row, you can see an example of a deposit of 5,000 FEI.

Click "Approve FEI" first to give permission to access your FEI and confirm it in the MetaMask pop-up.

Click "Deposit," enter the amount you want to lend, and then click "Deposit" to authorize the transaction. The MetaMask transaction confirmation will pop up automatically. Click the "confirm" button, and wait until the transaction succeeds.

In the "My Positions" - "My Lending" column, you can find the current deposit status. To withdraw funds and the interest you earned, enter the amount in the blank space, select "Withdraw" and confirm the transaction in the MetaMask pop-up.

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