Councilmember Guidelines


The main duties of the Council are:

  • Council members shall collect ideas relevant to their own domains.

  • Moderate discussions with communities and the team to make sure useful ideas lead to implementation.

  • Facilitate decisions, such as ambassador selection and small-size token allocations for global localization events.

Council Domains

  • Product and tokenomics design: Provide product or tokenomics improvement recommendations.

  • Decentralized technology development: Assisting with existing smart contract improvement, smart contract design, verification of new features like limit order or closing position with loan repayment, or help with improving security or performance of our site, or technical integration feasibility.

  • Marketing: Methods for growing and nurturing the OpenLeverage Community.

  • Business development: Explore potential partnerships that will benefit OpenLeverage and the community.

  • Crypto trading: Educating the community with ideas for optimized trading and lending opportunities according to the market condition.

Recommendations and Workflow

Proposal recommendations will have these points elaborated on:

  • Proposal type and title

  • Abstract/summary

  • Statement of need/details of the proposal

  • Action plan (time frame, optional OLE token budget (optional), additional feedback on logistics, KPIs, etc)

Example of a successfully passed proposal that incorporates all points.

Biweekly Community Council Call

A regular goal-setting and Community Council call (text-based) on Discord will be held every two weeks on #proposal-discussion that will enable the community to review the Council's work. Councilmembers will prepare, attend the call, and present future action plans in their areas of domains, along with any other contributions, and respond to questions from the community.

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