Create Market

On OpenLeverage, anyone can anonymously create a new leverage trading pair with existing token addresses on DEX supported. Market creation does not require approval or review from any person or institution.

If the trading pair does not yet exist on DEX, you must first create the pair on DEX before creating the new market on OpenLeverage.

Create Market

To create a market, click on the "Create Market" option in the left-hand menu.

Enter the existing token addresses used in the DEX market. Click "Create Pair" to create a new market including margin trading, lending, and borrowing, with the OpenLeverage protocol.

Are you creating a market with a taxed token?

To ensure a smooth launch of your market and increase user engagement for lending, borrowing, and margin trading, kindly whitelist our contract address if your project token has a transaction tax.

Please whitelist the contract address provided below:

BNB chain:

  • Margin Trade: 0x6a75ac4b8d8e76d15502e69be4cb6325422833b4

  • Borrowing: 0xf436f8fe7b26d87eb74e5446acec2e8ad4075e47


  • Margin Trade: 0x2925671dc7f2def9e4ad3fa878afd997f0b4db45

  • Borrowing: 0xe7779ebb5c28ccd6d3dcf13920b06402ca52189c

If you have any further questions please contact us

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