Margin Trade

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Margin Trade

This tutorial will use UNI-USDT, Long UNI with 2X leverage, and 200 USDT margin funds.

1. Click the "BTCB - USDT" trading pair to start. The middle of the dApp is the chart of the trading pair, and the right side is the margin trading operation panel. You can adjust the conditions of the trade, such as long/short, leverage level, and deposit margin funds according to your risk appetite.

You can create a watchlist by clicking on the star icon next to the pair.

2. Select "Long UNI" and adjust the leverage to 2X with the slider. For first-time USDT users, click "Approve USDT." A MetaMask confirmation page will pop up. Double-check the information and click "Confirm” once you are comfortable giving the Protocol permission to access your USDT.

3. Once permission is granted, select the "Long BTCB" and adjust the leverage to "6X." A MetaMask confirmation page will pop up again. Please check the information. Once you are comfortable, click the "Confirm" button. The transaction is now submitted.

Click "My Positions" in the menu bar to view your trade. If you refresh the page, it also shows under the trading pair price chart.

To close your position, you may click "Close." You can choose to close a partial portion of your position by entering a number in "Input Amount" or selecting a percentage.

To avoid having your position liquidated, an additional margin may be added by clicking "Add Margin" and specifying a number or percentage of your available wallet collateral.

Click "History" on the top right corner to view historical margin trades and liquidation status.

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