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What is $OLE Token?

OLE is the native token that enables shared community ownership and protocol usage incentives. It will be minted by trading, lending, staking, and referring new members. The OLE token has been migrated to V2, an Omnichain Fungible Token (OFT) natively deployed on EVMs.

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Token Allocation

Locking the LP token of the OLE trading pair of DEX into a time-weighted escrow allows the OpenLeverage community to own and govern the protocol, share protocol revenue truly, boost earnings by usage, and build self-sustaining DEX liquidity.
The dual token system is designed to promote liquidity, protocol usage, governance, and the self-sustainability of OpenLeverage.
1,000,000,000 OLE have been minted and will be vested over five years, starting when OLE becomes transferable. The total supply of OLE is as follows:
  • 45.00% or 450,000,000 to the DAO treasury for community incentives, including but not limited to retrospective rewards, trading, lending, xOLE holders rewards, campaigns, and marketing events;
  • 9.60% or 96,000,000 to an ecosystem development treasury;
  • 28.40% or 284,000,000 to past investors of the OpenLeverage Foundation;
  • 17.00% or 170,000,000 to founders, employees, and advisors.
A maximum perpetual inflation rate of 3.00% per year will increase the supply of OLE after five years, ensuring the community has the resources to continue contributing to the protocol.