Testnet Setup

Switch To Kovan Network

Currently, the OpenLeverage testnet is deployed to the Kovan network. Please make sure to connect your MetaMask wallet to the "Kovan Test Network" before testing.
If this option is not available, please make sure to click “show/hide test networks”.
e.g. Switch To Kovan Network

Get Kovan Testnet ETH

In order to cover the gas costs on the testnet, you need to have Kovan ETH.
  1. 1.
    Go to "Get Testnet Tokens" in the top menu. Then click "Go to Faucet".
e.g. Get Testnet Tokens
2. Copy and paste your MetaMask address into the chat ("Testnet account address"), click "Send request" and wait for a moment. The bot will automatically assign you 0.1 test ETH.
e.g. Get test ETH

Claim Test Tokens

We have created a few experimental tokens to be used on the testnet. Please follow steps here:
  1. 1.
    Go to "Get Testnet Tokens" in the top menu - these are free experimental test tokens.
  2. 2.
    Select one, then click "Mint" on the right side. The new tokens will be deposited into your MetaMask wallet. To view the new tokens, you may need to add the test token to MetaMask. There will be a pop-up in your browser. Click “Confirm”.
Once it is ready, there will be another pop-up to Add Suggested Token. Click “Add Token.”
e.g. Add Test Token
If there is no pop-up, open your MetaMask wallet to view it. If you still cannot find it, additional steps are required to add test tokens to MetaMask below.

Adding Test Token to MetaMask

Copy the contract address first and find the "Add Token" button on the MetaMask wallet. Paste the corresponding address of the test token into Token Contract Address, and the Token Symbol and Token Symbol will be automatically identified, then click "Next."
Click "Add Tokens," and the number of tokens you selected are added to your wallet.