Trading and Lending Rewards
To incentivize market liquidity and trading volume on OpenLeverage, we will distribute $OLE rewards to traders and lenders based on participation. Any active address can earn $OLE rewards and will be accumulated to your rewards balance when participating in specific trading and lending pools.

Trading Rewards On Volume

Members who open positions with trading volume levels during the campaign will be awarded the corresponding $OLE rewards. Traders can participate by margin trading any valid pair. Trading rewards are distributed to traders who long or short a rewarded pair.
The event will have a maximum allowance of rewards. In each phase, the rewards will be reduced by a certain percentage, meaning the earlier you trade, the more rewards you can earn. Please review the latest trading event to confirm the reduction amount.
The campaign will have a maximum amount of OLE rewards. When the number of rewards earned exceeds this set value of OLE rewards, all rewards will be diluted according to the formula below:
diluted rewards = undiluted reward * (set rewards pool amount / earned total rewards)
For example: On Day 1, Alice makes a $1,000 trade and earns 114 OLE. On Day 2, she makes another $1,000 trade and earns 108 OLE. The campaign has a set amount of 2,500,000 rewards. At the end of the campaign, the total prize pool generated 5,000,000 OLE. Using the formula above, Alice earned 111 OLE after dilution:
111 = (114 + 108) * (2,500,000/5,000,000)
Volume count only includes opening positions, but not closing positions.

Boosted Trading Reward

Staking OLE-BUSD LP will qualify users for accelerated trading rewards. The greater the LP amount and the longer the pledge time, the more accelerated rewards can be earned. The maximum acceleration ratio is 140% of the original reward. The calculations are shown below:

Lending Rewards

Lenders can participate by depositing assets to valid lending pools. Lending rewards are distributed to lenders who deposit assets in the lending pool based on a combination of lending amount and time. The following formula is used to calculate lending rewards:

Boosted Lending Reward

Staking OLE-BUSD LP will qualify for accelerated deposit bonuses. With a higher LP amount staked and longer stake time, more boosted lending rewards can be earned. The calculations are shown below:
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