Referral Program

To thank our community for their continued trust and support of OpenLeverage, we are activating our Referral Program. Our existing community and new members can earn rewards for every new user they invite to use our protocol. Referral rewards will be calculated based on the number of rewards your friends get for participating in campaigns on OpenLeverage.

Referral Rewards

Any OpenLeverage user who creates referrals that lead to new sign-ups will receive rewards calculated based on your friends’ activity. Specifically, their participation in lending campaigns on OpenLeverage will be the basis of the size of your reward. There will be two reward levels for our users.
Friends you directly invite are listed on your Rewards page as Tier I. You will receive 10% of the rewards they receive.
When your Tier I friends invite other users, those will be listed as Tier II under your Rewards. You will receive 5% of the rewards they receive.


User A invites User B using their referral link. User B decides to lend $1,000 USDT and earns 100 $OLE tokens as a reward. User A earns 10% or 10 $OLE.
User B invites User C through their referral link. User C decides to trade $1,000 USDT and earns 100 $OLE tokens as a reward. User A earns 5% or 5 $OLE. User B earns 10%, or 10 $OLE.

Additional Rewards

An additional 3% will be given to new referrals who actively participate in lending and trading campaigns. Rewards will be calculated based on their participation in the event.


User A invites User B with a referral link. User B participates by lending $1,000 USDT in participating pools during campaigns and receives 100 $OLE for lending mining.
As User B actively participates, they will receive an additional 3% of their earned rewards - 3 $OLE.

Referral Program FAQ

What types of users can you successfully invite?
Your referrals should include users who have not already clicked on other people’s referral links and whose wallets have not interacted with the OpenLeverage protocol.
How do I generate my referral link?
Go to Referral Program and connect your wallet to create your referral link. OpenLeverage supports Metamask, WalletConnect, Portis, Fortmatic, and Coin98.
How do I invite friends to OpenLeverage?
Send your referral link to your friends. After clicking on your link, they will have to connect their wallets to the OpenLeverage dApp.
What are the rewards when I invite a friend?
Earn up to 15% rewards when they begin trading or lending during our events.
Is the Referral Program active for all pairs and lending pools?
Our referral program is valid for all rewarded events before the $OLE token launch, including trading pairs and lending pools with the “Reward” tag.
How can I get up to 15% referral rewards?
You can receive up to 15% referral rewards when your Tier I and Tier II referrals participate in events involving a reward pool at the same time.
Why is my referral reward reduced?
If more traders are taking part in events that issue rewards, your Tier I and Tier II contacts will be earning lower rewards based on the calculations defined by Trading Rewards. In turn, your rewards will also be reduced.
When will my referral rewards be updated?
Referral rewards will be updated every 24 hours.
Yesterday I had over 2,000 OLE. Today only have 1,000 OLE. Is there a reason why the rewards are reduced?
When more people participate in an event, your rewards will be divided up, and only after the event ends, you can know the accurate amount of your rewards.
For example, if there are 100,000 $OLE in a rewards pool, based on lending or trading volume, rewards may decrease when more people participate.